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Pacific North West Melodic Punk

HARSH is Queer, Chaotic, and Powerful. To be at a HARSH show is to be engulfed in positive energy; enveloped by the chaotic good. Armed with witty banter and feminist politics, HARSH manages to be radical yet fun; inclusive yet uncompromising. HARSH is not afraid to challenge their audience, the binary, or the patriarchy, often in the same song. Building on the anarchic spirit of Crass, IDLES, and Kathleen Hanna, HARSH has built themselves a sound that resembles nothing else.

Montreal Punk Rock

Emerging from the depths of Montreal’s punk rock pit, our protagonists have join forces to assemble, as the mighty Megazord. Their mission, to put together their best sound and bring to the people what they have long asked for: Fast and Loud. Behold, MAVERICK! 


Ontario Skate Punk

They Call It Chaos (TCIC) are a 3-piece Canadian skate punk band from the Niagara region. The band formed in 2017 from a collection of skate punks and an anarchist who met through their passion of music and hatred for inequality. Taking inspirations from different genres and many artists including: Propagandhi, Cancer Bats, and Against Me; their unique style fuses aggro riffing, anti-establishment lyrics and a hard-hitting show that will leave you wanting more.

Vancouver Island Celtic Punk Rock

The Grinning Barretts are a 5 piece, bagpipe strangling, vocal chord mangling, Riot Brewing imbibing, Vancouver Island Celtic punk rock frenzy. They’ve taken Celtic sounds & mashed them up with gritty punk rock passion to create a wild ride of originals, tradionals & additionals that will move your feet into jig formation & bring out your inner rabblerouser.


Pacific North West Melodic Punk

Hitting the 90’s punk sensibilities that would fit right into a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Soundtrack, Pilsgnar is fast, fun, and instantly nostalgic. Their blend of heavy skate punk isn’t afraid to tackle politics and interpersonal relationships with equal parts heart and grit.

West Coast Thrashy Skate Punk

Hailed for their fast and enthusiastic live show, Mean Bikini play 50% songs to get you pumped and 50% songs that get you pissed off. With musical influences that range from skate punk to hardcore Mean Bikini makes a point to celebrate the good in the world while tearing down the bad in a way that is pointed and unapologetic, but also inclusive and just plain fun.

“I didn’t expect to come to small town Vancouver island and see a band this fucking good” Ben – ATD