Since May 2020 Outhouse radio has been live every Tuesday night bringing you an hour of independent, and lesser known folk artists from 7-8 pm PST on The Rogue Folk hour, and then local and nostalgic punk rock from 8-9 pm PST on No Elbows. 

Listen live at or join the discord to hang out with other listeners during the show at

Show Track Lists

Rogue Folk Hour – May 2, 2023  
Artist Song Link
Possessed By Paul James Hurricane
The Deslondes Less Honkin More Tonkin
Byron We’re all gonna die
Hurray for the Riff Raff Born to Win (Part One)
The Burying Ground Crooked Smiles
Left At London I Don’t Trust You
Percheron Crazy as the Birds
Fresh My Redemption Arc
Goodwill Hunting Good Luck
Erica Freas The Sound
Iceberg Ferg Down to Get Up
Ghostly Hounds Moving On
Jubilee Hills and Caves ??
Story Broken Glass ??
Mischief Brew Children Play With Matches
Paul Baribeau Only Babies Cry
Start Today The Giraffe Song ??
No Elbows – May 2, 2023  
Artist Song Link
Rancid Hyena
Rancid Don’t Make Me Do it
The Guys Second Skin ?|
101ers LetsGetABitARockin
ATD Poverty Row
ATD Spies Among Us
BRASS Stoke Machine
The Distillers Hall of Mirrors
Consumed Wake up With A Smile
Flagpolers Angie Big Ones
Knucklehead Right Cross
Pilsgnar These Days
Rong The Antidote
Line Traps In Print
Riot Porn Give A Fuck
Crisis Party Stimulant
Bmobina Galore Sorry, Im a Mess
Sincere Engineer 1k Rats
The Rebel Spell Breathe
Rogue Folk Hour – April 11, 2023  
Artist Song Link
The Burying Ground Crooked Smiles
Juniper Jones Bad Cards
Pigeon Pit Fire Escape
Defiance Ohio Oh Susquehanna
Drum and Bell Tower Optimystic
Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Micha P Hinson Letter from Hintsville
Ted Hawkins Sorry You’re Sick
The Deslondes Home Again
Sabine McCalla I Went to the Levee
The Hokum High Rollers Mobile Line (France Blues)
The Ashcats No Words No link sry!!
Erica Freas Real Mean
Jubilee Brother Song
Cud Eastbound Lost Kids
Tale Tellerheart Winter Weather
No Elbows – April 11, 2023  
Artist Song Link
Neighborhood Brats All Nazis Must Die (No Elbows Theme Song)
BRASS Reading Faces
Fresh Girl Clout
Petey Big Bad
Rong Queezey
The Clash Rudy Can’t Fail
Pilsgnar Alt-Wrong
RVIVR The Seam
PUP Resevoir
Consumed Heavy Metal Winner
The Replacements I Will Dare
The Rebel Spell Is It Enough
Rancid Radio
The Furniture Out Loud
The Bouncing Souls Kids and Heroes
The Unseen Waste of Time
The Chats The Price of Smokes
Rogue Folk Hour – April 4, 2023  
Artist Song Link
Samantha Crain Under Branch & Thorn & Tree
Terra Lightfoot Never Will
Good Enough Dave Wild Heart (No link, have Howlin Steady instead)
IcebergFerg Dog Days (Cant find this song sry)
Mouthwings Do You Remember
Stormy Wednesday Parked Up
The Pesky Alders King Cups
<3 <3 Vic Horvath <3 <3 Pistol and Rye
Oak Hands See That Smoke ?? No links??
Nellie Kane Don’t Look at me Directly
Sober Becky Problems
The Deslondes South Dakota
The Hokum High Rollers Who Walks In When I Walk Out
Sabine McCalla Roads We Wander
No Elbows – April 4, 2023  
Artist Song Link
The Fomites Strange Things Afoot at the Circle K
The Hex Unholy Ghost
Line Traps Patterns
Andrew WK Party Hard
Cigar These Chances
Neighborhood Brats All Nazis Must Die (No Elbows Theme Song)
NOi1SE Pawn In The Game
Mean Bikini Mouth Breather
Mobina Galore Just Went Away
Knucklehead Voice Among Us
The Lippies Fuck The Customer
Tiger Army In The Orchard
The Clash White Man IN Hammersmith Palais
NOBRO Eat, Slay, Chardonay
The Dreadnoughts Poutine
Orange No Rest For The Weekend
The Rebel Spell Net Worth
Rogue Folk Hour – March 14, 2023  
Artist Song Link
joe abott  chicken bones
the rough sea  drawn in crayon
sumner brothers  you will find me
cud eastbound  fretts lullaby
Ornery A Man With Nothing To Offer
The Deslondes Less Honkin More Tonkin
Paul James Possessed
Ghostly Hounds Moving On
Dana Sipos Lean Times
Mamas Broke How It Ends
Percheron Crazy as the Birds
Mallory Strange Homes
No Elbows – March 14, 2023  
Artist Song Link
fugazi  waiting room
the disorderlies  casual misongyny in the workplace
rong  run with us
the fomites  ghost in the machine
the chats  the price of smokes
the muffs  better than me
sister nancy  bam bam
toots and the maytals 54-46 was my number
Neighborhood Brats All Nazis Must Die
Territories Green Eyes
Quit It Mugs
Pup Kids
The Distillers Lordy Lordy
The Rebel Spell The World Turned Upside Down
Rogue Folk Hour – March 7, 2023
Artist Song Link
Nana Grizol Circles ‘Round The Moon
Jubilee Kill Dear
The Staggers & Jaggs Ring the Bell
Stormy Wednesday As I Mean
With Our Own Hands ?? ??
St. Cinder For Lack of Words
Howlin’ Steady Good ‘Nuff ??
Mama’s Broke Dirty Mattresses
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros Long Shadow
Doug Naugler All We Want
Lexie Marie We Sing Louder
No Elbows – March 7, 2023
Artist Song Link
Neighborhood Brats All Nazis Must Die
ATD 4:30 AM (Rebel Spell)
The Vicious Cycles Don’t Need No Dynamite
Pressure Point Rise Up
Mean Bikini Get Amongst It
Pilsgnar Old Bones
GRIT Pauline
Quit It Tectonic
The Distillers I am a Revenant
US Bombs Jaks
Knucklehead Shelters
The Rebel Spell Hopeless
The Rebel Spell Solemn Eyes